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Iowa, More Than Just Corn: My Grinnell College Experience

My friend Grace recently turned 20 and to help her celebrate her departure of the teen years, my friends and I decided to visit her at school in Iowa. Although the obnoxious amounts of crops we passed on the 5 hour ride had me convinced at least one of us would get arrested for cow tipping, I’m proud to say none of us spent the night in jail.

I’d just liked to get out there that Grinnell is balls to the wall fucked up. This is the second time in my life I’ve had to answer the question, “who threw up?” with, “…you did!” In those 48 hours, I saw people take lunch trays and slide down stairs using a beer case as a helmet, pregamed dinner, ordered margaritas, joined a bunch of people at a party in singing “Leaving On A Jet Plane,” and ate some bomb ass fruit tart and some delicious, stolen Wheat Thins.

In Iowa I guess it’s go hard or go home. Cheers to a wonderful new school year, everyone.

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